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    The honorable Jae Bock Park is a current president of The Korea Institute for Military Affairs, and is Lt General, ROK Air Force retired.

    Before his joining the KIMA as 10th President, he has served various assignments in ROK Armed Forces and Ministry of Defense and Joint Chiefs of Staff as a key flag office.

    He graduated from Mokpo high school and ROK Air Force Academy, major in civil enegieering with first degree of science. He also earned his master of science degree from US Naval Postgraduate School, specialized in science in information system.

    He has served commandant of ROK Air Force Academy, commander of ROK Air Force Operational Command and C-2 of the Combined Force Command between ROK and US in Seoul, and commander of southern air force operational command.

    He has more than 3,000 hours for operational flight of F-5 which has functions of major fighter of the ROK Air Force as a core deterrence tool.

    He arrived in the KIMA in September 3, 2019 as a 10th President and exercise his leadership for development of KIMA’s new visions and development roadmap that appears to be first vision of the KIMA’s long-term development plan.

    He has honored various medals and citations from ROK Military as well as US.

    He is survived with his wife and only son.

    Lt General (retd) Jae Bock Park, ROKAF