• President's Message

    Welcome to the Korea Institute for Military Affairs!

    I am pleased to welcome your interest in The Korea Institute for Military Affairs (KIMA).

    KIMA was founded in 1994 as an independent and non-profit military-oriented institution tasked with helping to improve the ROK’s national defense and the military strategy of its armed forces. KIMA analyzes defense policy, military strategy, and other military issues, and provides various support programs to veterans.

    KIMA regularly invites distinguished experts on military affairs, including highly experienced retired military officers and civilian scholars from various institutions related to the military studies. This program has resulted in some very useful suggestions and recommendations on the defense policy and military strategy.

    KIMA is a strong supporter for veterans of the ROK armed forces: our charter and mission oblige us to provide educational programs, to disseminate practical information helping veterans to find jobs, and to facilitate the development of their professional knowledge.

    We are an independent institution, but we support the ROK government’s vision of “Strong Armed Forces and Comprehensive National Security”: we contribute to the Defense Innovation 4.0 project, and we are committed to raising national security awareness among soldiers and younger generations across the full range of our activities.

    We are highly proud of the contributions we make to a resolutely independent and robust scrutiny of Korean security, defense, and military affairs, especially in the current situation, amid US-China strategic competition, with the War in Ukraine, and the instability of the Taiwan Strait.

    Our mission and values underpin our cherished ambition to be the most prestigious independent institution dedicated to developing the security and defense of the ROK, and a better understanding of wider military issues. Our dedicated position will allow us to support veterans of ROK armed forces, and this also sustains our reputation as a trusted pillar of national development.

    We invite you to engage with our mission of continuous support and development of the ROK military.

    Hyung-chul Kim, Lt General (ret) Republic of Korea Air Force