• History and Mission


    The KIMA was founded in 1994 as an independent non-profit military-oriented institution tasked with contributing towards improving ROK National Defense and Armed Forces by analyzing defense policy, military strategy and other military matters.

    KIMA conducts regular and informal academic seminars and forums, and publishes op-ed articles and manuscripts in print and on-line journals, including KIMA Monthly, KIMA Newsletter, Policy Initiatives, Korean Military, and KIMA Media.

    KIMA has built up a considerable reputation for analysis of current and future military issues. Our experts are researching both operational development and tactical improvements, and are also involved in the development of conceptual theories and practical reform of the ROK military.


    KIMA conducts research into defense and military projects, by inviting ex-military experts and scholars to further development of ROK defense policy and military strategy, then publishing the results in journals and magazines.

    KIMA is a research-oriented institution for those willing to contribute their military experiences to advance the ROK’s national security and improve understanding of military affairs. In line with this, KIMA operates some special lectures for military veterans and also provides some leisure facilities and research desks for those conducting MND-funded research programs.

    KIMA also makes annual awards to military veterans, selecting the best performances from research and academic work, based on recommendations and suggestions from the three services.