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    Bachelor of Science, Aeronautical Engineering, Air Force Academy, Republic of Korea
    Master of Systems Management, Air Force Institute of Technology, Wright-Patterson AFB, USA
    Doctor of Political Science, Kyungnam University, Republic of Korea


    May 2013 - April 2014,
    Vice Chief of Staff, ROK Air Force
    May 2014 - April 2015,
    Superintendent of ROK Air Force Academy
    *May 31, 2015,
    2015, Retired from ROK Air Force as a Lt. General
    Sep. 2015 - Aug. 2018,
    Visiting professor, Chong-ju University
    Mar. 2016 - Dec. 2018,
    Member of Force Requirement Verification Advisory Committee, Military Planning Center, Korea Institute of Defense Analysis (KIDA)
    Dec. 2016 - Dec. 2018,
    Member of Advisory Committee to Agency of Free Economic Zone, Chungbuk province
    Jan. 2018 - Dec. 2019,
    Member of Policy Advisory Committee, Korea Retired Generals and Admirals Association
    Mar. 2018 - Dec. 2019,
    Member of Policy Advisory Committee, ROK-US Combined Forces Command
    Aug. 2018 - May 2022,
    Research fellow, Air and Space Power Research Institute (ASPI), Association of Republic of Korea Air Force
    Nov. 2018 - Nov. 2020,
    Member of Security and Science & Technology Advisory Committee, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST)
    Jan. 2019 - Dec. 2021.
    Co-Representative, Korea Retired Generals & Admirals Defending the Nation (KORGAD)
    Feb. 2019 - Dec. 2020,
    Representative of VOICE of GENERALS, YouTube Channel sponsored by the KORGAD
    Apr. 2020 - Apr. 2022,
    Member of Advisory Committee, Overseas Koreans Foundation
    Feb. 2017 -
    present. Member of Board of Directors, Hanmin Academy
    Mar. 2019 -
    present, Visiting professor, Korea National University of Transportation
    June 2022 -
    present, Member of Board of Directors, Korean Veterans Association