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    '22-2 KIMA FORUM (How to Deter a Threat of North Korean Nuclear and Missile?)
    Moderator Dr. Heokchol Kwan, President
    Panelist Myeongkuk Kwan, Kuksik Moon,Uk Yang
    Date / Place 2022-04-28 / ROK Army Club, Seoul
    File 월간KIMA2022_5월호-주제발표.pdf  월간KIMA2022_5월호-토론(권명국).pdf  월간KIMA2022_5월호-토론(문근식).pdf  월간KIMA2022_5월호-토론(양욱).pdf     
    22-1 KIMA Forum (Prospective Ukraine’s Crisis and North Korea Strategic Provocation)
    Moderator Dr. Songmuk Moon Dr. PyeongKeun Woo
    Panelist Dr. Songhoon Lee
    Dr. Songhoon Jae
    Date / Place February 23, 2022 / ROK air Force Club, Seoul
    File 월간KIMA2022_3월호_1부7945.pdf  월간KIMA2022_3월호_2부.pdf         
    21-6 KIMA Forum (Perspective Game Chager of the Military Tension of the Korean Penindula)
    Moderator Yong-kun Chang
    Panelist Yongsoo Kwon, Jongwoo Shin, Yonghwan Park
    Date / Place October 28, 2021 / ROK Army Club, Seoul
    File 월간KIMA2021_11월호_주제발표.pdf  월간KIMA2021_11월호_권용수.pdf  월간KIMA2021_11월호_신종우.pdf  월간KIMA2021_11월호_박용한.pdf     
    21-5 KIMA FORUM (Defense Reform of Republic of Korea: Issues and Perspectives)
    Moderator Sangho Cho
    Panelist Sangcheol Lee, Ouk Yang, Nakkoo Yang
    Date / Place Not held due to the spread of COVID-19 / KIMA
    File 월간KIMA2021_8월호_주제발표.pdf  월간KIMA2021_8월호_토론전체.pdf         
    2021-4 KIMA FORUM (Decrease in Demographics of South Korea and Mandatory Military Service)
    Moderator Byeong-ok Choi
    Panelist Hoyong Jin, Kwanyong Kim, Kwanho Cho
    Date / Place June 2, 2021 / KIMA
    File 월간KIMA2021_6월호_포럼.pdf           
    2021-3 KIMA Forum (100-Day of Biden Administration and The Korean Peninsula Security)
    Moderator Yongsik Bon
    Panelist Jaeho Hwang,chang soo jin, Hanbum Cho
    Date / Place April 29, 2021 / KIMA Conference Room
    File 월간KIMA2021_5월호_포럼.pdf           
    2021-2 KIMA FORUM (Defense Industries in Republic of Korea: Development and Future)
    Moderator Byongjoo Kang
    Panelist hyungBin Kim, Yongchul Yang, Minsuk Kim
    Date / Place March 23, 2021 / KIMA Conference Room
    File 월간KIMA2021_4월호_KIMA포럼.pdf           
    '21-January KIMA FORUM (8th North Korean Workers’ Party Congress and the Korean Peninsula Security)
    Moderator Dr. Mujin Yang
    Panelist Khwanhee Hong, Sungmuk Moon and Daejin Jung.
    Date / Place January 27, 2021 / KIMA Conference Room
    File 월간KIMA2021_2월호_주제발표토론.pdf           
    '20-November KIMA FORUM (US Election and Korean Peninsula Security)
    Moderator Hyun-ok Kim
    Panelist Sangrul JO, Sanghyun Lee, Bumchul Shin
    Date / Place November 5, 2020 / Kookbang cultureal research center building
    File 2020-11월 KIMA FORUM.pdf           
    '20-September KIMA FORUM ( Military Studies Development Direction: Fostering and Tasks of Academic Community)
    Moderator Byeongok Gil
    Panelist Byeongok Choi
    Mikyeong Ra
    Minhyeong Park
    Date / Place October 18, 2020 / Kookbang cultureal research center building
    File KIMA FORUM 2020_9월.pdf           
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